Quatro Estações presents a sea of options for all tastes. Traveling the ocean and seas, the Atlantic or Pacific, and with a variety of destinations from the spectacular Caribbean islands to the rich culture of Tahiti. You'll find the best and most sought-after tours for your next journey, including the beautiful Brazilian coast.

Sail in comfort to the experience the marvels of Alaska: snow-capped mountains, glaciers, wildlife and fishing villages.
Dozens of trips through the Caribbean, on different types of vessels, via waters, islands and unforgettable beauty. Tours starting at 4 days.
See the beauties of the Brazilian coast and get to know its warm and friendly people.
See the beautiful Mediterranean isles, with an additional option for travel to Spain, the Italian Riviera and France.
Sail the French Polynesians to visit islands, coral reefs and crystal waters.
Sail the beautiful Bahamas. Trips from Florida to Nassau, with a minimum of three days.
Journey through Africa, from Nairobi, Kenya, passing through Madagascar and ending in Cape Town, South Africa.

Other destinations: New Zealand, Chile, Asia, Mexico and Australia.
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