Perfil da EmpresaEstablished in 2001, Quatro Estações (which in English means Four Seasons), specializes in entertainment and tourism. We offer fun and educational opportunities throughout the year such as eco tours, cultural events, fairs, exhibitions and more.

With the goal of offering the best services in the tourism field, Quatro Estações, relies on partnerships with leading companies along with the best professionals. We also use the newest technology and processes in the field in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Quatro Estações works with certified and experienced professionals in order to provide all kinds of service in the tourism/entertainment world. Our goal to delight our clients is achieved through quality and efficiency, as we specialize in the most modern and efficient competitive methods to deliver highly creative and sought-after programs. Client satisfaction is most important to us.
Nossa Missão
To provide quality in cultural, social and leisure entertainment services in the tourism sector, at competitive prices. To provide the largest number of individuals with the opportunity to visit and learn about historical and natural places, while always respecting the native life of these sites. To combine learning with having a good time throughout each of the year's four seasons.
Nosso Diferencial
To provide high quality services in a creative way that meet the specific needs of each client, at the lowest cost possible, going beyond our partners' expectations. At Quatro Estações, we are good at tourism, because we love what we do.
Nossa Missão
Regional and national trips; tourism packages; provision of tickets; cruises; traditional events and festivals of the interior of Rio de Janeiro state; trips by schooner, fishing boat, motorboat and inflatable boat; diving; wilderness survival courses; ecological hikes; cultural tours (visits to workshops, newspaper agencies; museums, historic centers); recreational events (parks, water resorts, etc.); workshops. Personal and specialized tours. Adventure tours and rural tours.
In the state of Rio de Janeiro (receptive) and in national scope (emitting).
Marcelo Carvalhido Founder partner, graduated in Sales Management and post-graduated in Marketing at UNESA, travel agent graduated at CIETH, created commercial and business development activities in several companies of different areas.He is the creator of the course "Marketing and Sales in Tourism", taught in partnership with Fundação Mudes - RJ.

Silvia Crespo Founder partner. Tour Guide graduated at CIETH, developed activities in management level at Giovane Jacyntho Studio, in Campos dos Goytacazes.