The Amazon isn't just the largest tropical forest in the world, it also contains a biodiversity unlike anything on the entire planet with various animal and plant species that have yet to be discovered.
It's located in the state of Bahia in the highlands region with crystal waters that run through waterfalls and run off on plateaus and plains, forming natural pools and springs. The lush vegetation is a mixture of ground vegetation such as bromeliads, orchids and evergreens.
Bonito is the number one eco-tourism destination in Brazil and is among the most beautiful places in the world.
Even those who have never gone to Fernando de Noronha are able to recognize it in photos. Many Brazilians dream of diving into the beautiful waters and swimming with the dolphins, the happiest of marine animals. The magnetism of this piece of Earth makes anyone ready to leave behind the luxury of large cities.
The Jalapão State Park has the capacity to make visitors ecstatic. You'll find waterfalls, dunes, lakes, rivers, cliffs and dozens of white sand beaches. Amazing and exotic landscapes that are a mixture of mountains, savannas and desert. Wild and primitive, Jalapão is one place that you have to see to believe.
Known as "a piece of the sky," it is a site of incredible beauty. The intense blue sky softly mixes with the green tone of the sea and the clouds appear to be a reflection of the sands.
The intensity of the flora and fauna make the Pantanal one of the most dazzling ecological environments on Earth, 70% of which is located in Mato Grosso do Sul state.
In South Bahia, between the sea and mountains, covered by the Atlantic Rainforest, the small city of Itacaré has a treasure of natural beauty-beautiful virgin beaches, rivers and extraordinary waterfalls.
Nestled in the northeast of Goiás, the Veadeiros cliffs holds a national park of 60 thousand hectors of valleys, waterfalls, canyons and even enormous craggy cliffs and precipices.
This Chapada has a mild climate that can reach lower temperatures during winter, particularly in July and August. A region of rare beauty that features beautiful waterfalls, rocky formations covered by small forests, clear and encircled fields.
Ilha Grande in Rio de Janeiro is a place of fascinating landscapes. A variety of 106 beaches, bays, lakes, waterfalls, mangroves, plains, mountains and peaks covering 193 square kilometers. The intimacy between the Atlantic Rainforest and the sea is amazing. There is an abundance of paradise nooks. Come enjoy this paradise.